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Teeth Whitening
In Oakland & Alameda County
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Teeth Whitening Services

From Advanced Dental Concepts in Oakland, California

If you live in Oakland or Alameda County you could benefit from a tooth whitening procedure at our local dental office. At Advanced Dental Concepts we are known for improving the appearance of our patients’ smiles. Our dentist is an expert cosmetic dentist and has multiple ways for doing so. We often recommend a tooth bleaching procedure because it is by far the easiest way to transform your smile. After cleaning your teeth, we can complete this procedure in time for a special event or as part of your regular oral health routine.

People throughout Oakland have their teeth whitened on a regular basis so that they can look and feel great. As people age, it is common for teeth to become dull and yellow. This is in part due to age itself and also due to what a person eats and drinks. Drinking coffee, tea and wine, for example, can stain your teeth. Smoking and eating foods that contain food coloring can also stain your teeth. Brushing immediately after eating and drinking can help to prevent stains but is typically not enough to remove the risk entirely. Fortunately, stained and yellow teeth don’t have to stay that way.

In-office whitening can brighten your smile up to 8 shades lighter. That’s 6 shades lighter than store bought whitening products.

OTC whitening vs. dental grade

There are several types of teeth bleaching that you can try. Many people in Oakland start by using whitening toothpaste at home. This can help to brighten your teeth but is typically not enough to actually whiten them. We recommend toothpaste as part of an overall teeth whitening treatment but not by itself. After professional whitening, the toothpaste can help your teeth stay bright.

Many people throughout the the Bay Area try over the counter solutions like whitening trays or strips. These treatments work but not as well as professional solutions. As with most things, what you buy in the store is simply not as strong as what you can get from a medical professional. Additionally, store bought whitening trays are designed to fit everyone’s teeth, not your teeth specifically. This means that they can become loose, and the solution can leak, leading to gum irritation.

We recommend that people in Oakland, CA schedule an appointment with our dental care team instead. Our professional tooth whitening solutions can transform the appearance of your teeth in a dynamic way. This is partially due to the strength of the solution that we use. Professional grade whitening gel can whiten teeth by eight shades or more vs. around two shades with store bought solutions. If you are looking for immediate and dramatic results, in-office whitening is a far better option.

How it works

When a whitening solution is applied to the teeth, the hydrogen peroxide inside of the solution penetrates through the enamel. It then starts the oxidation process where molecules are transformed to reflect less or no light. This makes them appear colorless, and teeth appear white. This process is typically extremely effective for eliminating stains and can be repeated frequently.

On occasion, the stains are too strong for a teeth bleaching procedure to work. When this happens, Our Advanced Dental Concepts dentist can provide an alternative treatment. For example, patients in Oakland can have dental veneers placed on the surface of teeth in order to cover dark stains. This is often preferable for patients that smoke since veneers are stain resistant and won’t yellow quickly like natural teeth. Still, it is wise to try a teeth whitening procedure first, before starting a cosmetic one.

At Advanced Dental Concepts, we also recommend that patients have their teeth whitened before having other dental procedures completed. Most of the materials that are used in dental restorations or for cosmetic purposes are stain resistant and bleach resistant. For example, a dental crown won’t stain or bleach but should maintain its initial coloring with time. When a crown, veneer, bridge, or implant is created in a dental lab, they are created to match the shade of the surrounding teeth. If the surrounding teeth are yellow, these restorations will be created in a yellow shade. If the surrounding teeth are a brilliant white, the restoration will be as well. This makes the timing of teeth whitening procedures important. If you live in the 94612 area and know that you need a dental restoration, have your teeth whitening procedure scheduled first.

Genetics, aging, and consumption of staining substances (smoking, coffee, tea, and colas) are just a few reasons why teeth appear dark.

The procedure itself shouldn’t cause any discomfort and is relatively easy to complete. Before getting started, we simply recommend that patients schedule a dental exam with our Oakland dental office. Our dentist will then examine your teeth and gums to ensure that they are healthy enough for whitening.

Top 10 FAQs for Teeth Whitening from a Dental Office

1. What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves using products or treatments to lighten the color of teeth and remove stains and discoloration.

2. How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening products contain bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which break down the stains on the enamel and dentin layers of the teeth, making them appear whiter.

3. Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is generally considered safe when performed under the supervision of a dental professional. However, it's important to follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the dentist or the product manufacturer.

4. Are there any side effects of teeth whitening?

Some people may experience temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation after teeth whitening. These side effects are usually mild and subside shortly after the treatment.

5. How long does teeth whitening last?

The duration of teeth whitening results varies from person to person. It depends on factors like oral hygiene habits, dietary choices, and lifestyle habits. Generally, the effects can last from several months to a few years.

6. Can anyone undergo teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is generally safe for most individuals; however, it may not be suitable for everyone. It's best to consult with a dental professional to determine if teeth whitening is appropriate for your specific dental condition.

7. Can I whiten my teeth if I have dental restorations (crowns, veneers, etc.)?

Teeth whitening products do not have an effect on dental restorations, such as crowns or veneers. If you have restorations, it's important to discuss your options with a dentist to ensure a uniform color for your teeth.

8. Are over-the-counter teeth whitening products effective?

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can provide some level of whitening, but the results are generally not as effective or long-lasting as professional teeth whitening treatments performed by a dentist.

9. How long does an in-office teeth whitening procedure take?

In-office teeth whitening procedures typically take around 1 to 2 hours, depending on the specific treatment being used. Some treatments require multiple sessions for optimal results.

10. Are there any alternatives to in-office teeth whitening?

Yes, there are alternative teeth whitening options available, such as take-home whitening kits provided by dentists. These kits involve using custom-made trays with whitening gel and are used over a longer period of time at home.
"I’ve been coming to this office for about 6 years or so and have never had a bad experience. It seems like the dentists and assistance care and provide important oral hygiene information. I recommend to others all the time." - Adrianna, Oakland